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Invisible Traffic Working Stiffs Kayfabe Cuttyhunk Book Mark

Invisible Traffic

Deb Percy

Invisible Traffic

Deborah Ann Percy presents a stunning collection of desperate and gorgeous tales, set against the backdrop of Michigan’s third coast. Percy’s characters are mostly decent middle-class folks who want to live well and do little damage. They abandon those they love and are in turn abandoned; husbands vanish at the corner grocer, wives disappear into momentary affairs, and children swim willfully so far from shore that we despair of their safe return. It is Percy’s great characters that move us, as we read purposefully, perhaps a bit wary as we dodge in and out of Invisible Traffic.

Working Stiffs

George Dila

Working Stiffs

The stories in Working Stiffs are crafted with crisp language and buoyant dark humor that beautifully reveal unique and intense situations. George Dila shows us what it’s like out there, making our way, every day, against power-tripping bosses, dehumanizing military duties, the inexorable advance of old age. All of the characters in George Dila’s stories compel us to believe and invest in their lives; although they may be at the mercy of uncompromising bosses and impossible situations, they still stand up and wage their own battles. These working stiffs grunt and sing, dodge and kill, betray and grant mercy. The impact of Dila’s work is undeniable, and we’re left imprinted by the generous raw emotion in every scene.

Kayfabe & Other Stories

Saul Lemerond


In the stories of Kayfabe, darkly comic worlds collide, putting obstinate and outrageous and always fragile characters into impossible situations. Saul Lemerond writes with gusto, in a voice all his own: unpretentious, smart, hilarious, and original. In Lemerond’s universe, rainbow factories sludge the lungs of child laborers, a cue ball sounds a siren’s call, and your mother might become your lover. Blink: it’s a snowy field. Blink again: it’s an Emerson-quoting dinosaur. Like the best work of cultural satirists Kurt Vonnegut and Chris Bachelder, these apocalyptic and surreal stories ultimately prefer hope to cynicism, laughter to tears.

Cuttyhunk: Life on the Rock

A Memoir with Recipes by Margo Solod


Margo Solod's Cuttyhunk: Life on the Rock contains a suite of galvanizing stories from her 15 years as staffer, innkeeper and cook of the Allen House, Cuttyhunk's finest (and only) inn. This book is essentially a love story, the kind that, like the best love, comes complete with recipes. The kind of love story that encompasses a barefoot Jackie Kennedy; Gertrude, a bloody 378-lb swordfish kept on ice in a bathtub; Jesse-the-dog and Tom-the-cat-not-to-be-trifled-with; and any number of ways to cook a lobster. Vivid, colorful, and touching, this memoir is well worth the reading and cooking time.