What We Publish

One Wet Shoe Publishing is interested in new, fresh prose from emerging and established writers.

Literary fiction that straddles the boundaries of realism and the fantastic, the ordinary and the absurd, or that stretches what we consider commonplace are especially fascinating to us. We are also attracted to creative non-fiction/memoir that complicates format, voice, content, and/or concepts about truth in new ways. Genre fiction is also very welcome as long as it has literary merit.

We pay special attention to women, lesbians, and Midwest writers; although, we will be happy to consider anything that has a compelling plot, engaging characters, and is well written.

How We Publish

One Wet Shoe Publishing prints all of our books as perfect bound, trade paperbacks. We distribute online and by word of mouth. We work hard for our authors and are in negotiations with multiple indie press distributors to gain a larger distribution audience.

As we are in our infancy, we want to assure you that we do have the experience and skills to publish a professional, commercially available, quality book. (View our CV’s on the “Who We Are” page.) We are NOT a vanity press.

Submission Guidelines

  • Format: Word processed, 12-point font(preferably Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced, in .doc or .rtf
  • All manuscripts should include a cover letter and brief biographical statement from the author.
  • A $15 reading fee MUST accompany all manuscripts.

Upload your files now using our submissions manager.